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Environmental Awareness 

At CompNow we care about the environment and about making the most of our planets resources. We market ourselves as being the easiest place to sell your new, used and broken electronics but the main idea is to keep those gadgets moving and in use as much as possible. It’s about putting a dent in the amount of e-waste that goes to landfill by providing a full product life solution for our beloved gadgets.
We are happy to see e-waste getting more and more awareness these days and we are tired of watching lithium ion batteries, motherboards, LCD screens and all sorts of toxic materials end up in landfill each year. Our aim is to eliminate the cycle where gadgets eventually go from your junk drawer to the landfill and start creating a culture where people simply turn in and sell their items as soon as they are no longer needed and before they become completely obsolete.
It’s clean. It’s green. And it simply makes sense.

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